Fri. May 20th, 2022

The basic art of pencil drawing still remains persistent, among the beginners and even among the experts, to get an idea of the desired shape or structure of an object. In earlier times the rough sketches that were drawn, before the outcome is obtained, were known as cartoon drawing. However, the shapes were disproportionate and looked funny from the viewers point of view so it would become a mockery if let out on public display.

However, as time passed by, people started bringing out various illustrations having disproportionate figures, just to make them humorous. These narrative illustrations gradually increased in their popularity, and were all over the world in no time. They are known as cartoon drawings from then onwards, and have been referred by the name ever since. Through the help of these cartoon drawings, people have been able to put forward various serious issues in front of the public, in a very light hearted manner. 4anime

Complexities of cartoon drawing!

Though it may seem cartoon drawing is pretty simple, considering the fact that all we have to draw are deformed figures, but still one must think twice. The reason behind this is that if we have ever portrayed a cartoon character in a particular shape and size, which was appreciated by various people, we would have to come up with the same deformed structure the next time we illustrate it anywhere. It is also a time consuming job, as in cartoon drawing one has to look after every careful detail of the body, simply because it is an illustration and has to be as self-explanatory as possible.

The toughest challenge ever faced while drawing a cartoon is making animations, as the same picture has to be repeated over number of times with slight alterations, leading to the movement of a single hand or any other body part. It would be worth imagining the amount of hard work that is put in the formation of a single animated video, as the cartoonists have to go through numerous cartoon drawings to get every motion perfect.

Popularity of cartoon drawing!

Cartoon drawing has been taken up as a profession nowadays, due to its growing popularity among the people all over the world. Although the children are mostly attracted to cartoon drawing, on various occasions it has been seen that cartoon drawing has mesmerized quite a number of adults. Since there are no restrictions to cartoon drawing, various issues, be it political, legal, or general, may be addressed by the means of cartoon drawing.

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